The choice of schools standards you learn Chinese in Shanghai

More and more foreigners to China development now. if you want to do business with Chinese must first learn Chinese very well. As a foreigner who has lived for ten years in China,About how to choose the Chinese school, I have a set of my own experiences.

My names Yingxiong,born in the city of Rennes in France,Yingxiong is the name I give myself,But all the Chinese friends said:“The first time when they saw me,Feel that the name does not correspond with my temperament,I'm tall、deep eyes、Curly brown hair interpretation of French elegance and romance,but I thought that was the highest praise.

Speaking of learning Chinese in Shanghai,Always made me so happy,remember when I first came to Shanghai.,I thought have dinner here one time,three times to fight. Because,on entering the restaurant, in order to give a seat to guest ,they started pulling each other,then the dishes,they will give precedence to each other,Finally in order to pay,there will be a big Fierce Battle.

At first I didn't understand why,Until my friend introduced me to the Shanghai mandarin Spring Chinese School,I started 5 years of learning Chinese in Shanghai ,My teacher told me a lot Chinese traditional culture and customs.,I understand the behaviors of Chinese。And over the past few years in Shanghai learning Chinese day is very happy and helpful,My Chinese teacher is very good,With her help my Chinese from nothing to yesterday I just passed the class HSK5。Because of this,It’s very necessary to tell any foreigner who is learning Chinese in Shanghai:

In many of the Shanghai Chinese School,How to choose a mechanism is regular、and Suitable for foreigners? if choose wrong,Not only has delayed ordinary work and study, but also a waste of human resources and money. With any questions you may have,We went into the Shanghai mandarin Spring Chinese School,let the teacher team is here to answer your questions


Choose cost-effective Chinese language course

After all, it takes a fee to learn Chinese, Not every learning Chinese foreign friends family has a strong economic strength, So, choose the high cost performance of Chinese language course is very important。Many people like to choose the very expensive school, they thinjk that is expensive must be ,This is not truth, there is a lot of Chinese school big or small in shanghai, the charging standard of each have different. Foreigners to learn Chinese in shanghai should to choose the suited and  fond,not just the high price. Shanghai mandarin Spring Can make learners in reading and communication of Chinese knowledge accumulation,And on this basis, the all-round development of listening, speaking, reading and writing ability. And the short-term performance of foreigners to study Chinese a clear tracking, reporting and feedback, have a clear plan for long-term learning, and have a complete learning system, step-by-step, so as to realize the final goal.

Teachers are the most important

In the eyes of a lot of foreign friends, the fountain of han is the most valuable in many types of Chinese language school in Shanghai. One of the most important reason is the powerful faculty。we have Full-time teachers,And after the unification of the Shanghai headquarters of training to mount guard,The teacher's education and experience are conform to the standard. School set up a regular post training, support and monitoring work of teachers, teaching process, and the teacher evaluate the integrity of the teaching quality control system.In the han, the fountain of all the training of teachers training in the field of Chinese language training has a very rich experience and unique training skills.

Keep in mind the purpose、do more communicate with the teacher and other Chinese.

Foreigners to study Chinese in Shanghai has a strong advantage, therefore, the choice is more foreign students to study Chinese in Shanghai. In the foreign country, see the familiar faces of the motherland, to say a few words of revenge, talk, nature to a solution of acacia. But as a foreign friends in China to study and work, keep in mind that the purpose of learning Chinese. So, in order to be able to learn Chinese better, suggest that foreigners to study Chinese more and their teachers and the Chinese contact, so can have greater progress. Han with system perfect curriculum system, the fountain of science advanced education concept, and standardized operation and management mode, become the most trusted brands foreigners to study Chinese.

These indicators to build up a system of Chinese learning (learning system), all elements, complete can become a real Chinese language training school of quality assurance.

Only in this way the school is the trusted choice and everyone, wish you better and better in Chinese.

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