Progressive Teaching Method and the Key Point of Primary Oral Chinese Teaching in Shanghai Chinese School

I Introduction

The central of the teaching methods that have been taken in oral Chinese teaching is training. Improving students' ability in using language is the object of training. Combined with excellent teaching skills, the training can achieve very good teaching effect. In the face of the Chinese elementary level students in Shanghai Chinese School, the most important thing is to let them get used to use Chinese as soon as possible. The object of teaching Chinese as a foreign language mostly is adult, although they cannot express themselves in Chinese, but their mind is mature and they will not satisfied with the repeatedly pronunciation training or single sentence training. At this time, the teachers in Shanghai Chinese School should encourage them to do more coherent paragraph expression, to say some not so complicated sentences but with relatively more contents, in particular the one that coincide their subjective intention. The progressive training method is advantageous to deepen understanding, consolidate the memory and is a non-negligible way for students in Shanghai Chinese School to learn Chinese. The progressive teaching, for example: from single sentence to complex sentence and to expression into sections, is the inevitable requirement of spoken language training. Only stays at the single sentence training or only pay attention to one sentence is wrong or not is not the fundamental task of spoken language training. The starting point of the oral Chinese class in Shanghai Chinese School is “one question one answer”. The final goal should be sections of freedom expression. In this process, teachers should give the students a good guide. In a complete teaching process, the objective rules of students’ second language acquisition should be respected. The input of the language should follow the principle of "comprehensible input" which is under the conditions of that the students already understand what they have learned to add a little bit of difficulty and pressure. This can also let the students in Shanghai Chinese School have a sense of achievement. But the difficulty cannot be too big. Otherwise it may make students lose confidence in learning Chinese. At the same time, when students in Shanghai Chinese School are in a highly excited, happy state of mind, the can remember the knowledge that they have learned much better and be more interested in this course. In this interesting principle, we can use all kinds of games to practice the new words, syntax, grammar items. In the use of various Chinese games we can also learn some English or other language games the same time.

II The key point of primary oral Chinese teaching: pay attention to the cooperation between students and active the atmosphere in the class

The reason that why the classroom atmosphere is in the first place is that as the teaching background the teaching atmosphere plays a very important role. When asked about how well a lesson is, the first thing that comes to the students’ mind is whether this lesson is relaxed or tense, lively or dull. This is because emotional memory last much longer than knowledge memory and at the same time emotions can have certain effect on the cognition of the people. Therefore to create a relaxed, happy and lively teaching atmosphere in Shanghai Chinese School is very conducive to the students' oral Chinese learning. On the one hand, students in Shanghai Chinese School can ease the tension, despite the concerns and become brave to talk; On the other hand, it will help students in Shanghai Chinese School to memorize and understand the language. A relaxed atmosphere will make the students feel the pleasure of learning unconsciously, excite their self-motivation and deepen the impression of the language knowledge. The students in Shanghai Chinese School also won't pretend understanding due to the face issues. Instead, the students will actively communicate with the teachers and when they don’t understand they will ask questions. This can deepen their understanding of language knowledge.

To optimize the teaching atmosphere in the class, the teachers in Shanghai Chinese School play a very crucial role. This requires the teacher himself must be enthusiasm, generous and humorous, his language, expression and action must have the force of infection. And the teachers in Shanghai Chinese School must also try all his best to drive the emotion and enthusiasm of the students. The purpose of oral Chinese Teaching is to cultivate the students' ability of oral expression. During the class more attention should be paid to the cooperation and coordination among students. The cooperation that is mentioned here is to consider the students' knowledge level and their differences in cultural background. When the teachers in Shanghai Chinese School prepare for classes, they should prepare some suitable topics for the students. In the oral Chinese class often encounter such a problem: the teacher wanted to organize students to discuss a topic, but it is not to be able to carry on. In this case it may imply such kind of reasons: The students' Chinese level is limited, or the students know nothing about on this aspect; or the students’ cultural background is different; or the students are not interested at this topic and so on. This must be paid attention to during the oral Chinese teaching.

The teachers in Shanghai Chinese School should give the students a relaxed learning environment. Relaxed class atmosphere can make the students in Shanghai Chinese School disengage from the state of preparedness and have a sense of security. This will make their attention only focus on mastering the knowledge that they have learned in the class, instead of trying to figure out the teachers’ and students’ attitude around. In this case the students' learning efficiency and their opening rate in the class will significantly improve. In fact to create such a class atmosphere is not an easy thing. It needs the teachers’ rich class teaching experience, the ability to control the class, humorous language style, strong affinity with the students and so on.

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