On Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Entry Level in Chinese School in Shanghai

The primary oral Chinese teaching in Chinese school in Shanghai, which is discussed in this article, mainly refers to the oral Chinese teaching of total beginner. On the one hand, the effect of the oral Chinese teaching in this phase is very crucial. If the student’s Chinese standard cannot obviously improve inside a short-term, will make them feel frustrated, make their motive of further learning Chinese weakened. If in the shortest time the students can use Chinese to do simple and correct communication, it can inspire their Chinese learning achievement and produce continuous motive for learning Chinese, so as to lay a solid foundation for improving their level of spoken Chinese. But on the other hand, primary oral Chinese teaching often face many difficulties in Chinese school in Shanghai.

According to the "Foreign Students Chinese Teaching Syllabus in Higher Schools",  the aim of primary oral Chinese teaching is: “Be able to accurately let out a single word or words, the tone of the sentence although still has an obviously influence of a mother tongue, but the meaning of the expression is coherent, basically can get the hearer to understand; be able to do some basic oral communication in daily life such as meeting, introduce, congratulations, inquiries, shopping etc.; Be able to use simple vocabularies that have been mastered to express their intentions or to narrate the basic content of a thing. The sentence error rate is less than 30%."

1. Pay attention to correct pronunciation and intonation

The pronunciation is the sound that can express certain meanings; the intonation is the changing of the tones while speaking. Only with the correct pronunciation and correct intonation can express a complete significance. In the Chinese language, the same words, with different intonations and tones, can express total different meanings. Therefore, pronunciation and intonation learning in Chinese school in Shanghai is particularly important in the primary stage. In the primary oral Chinese teaching in Chinese school in Shanghai, teachers should do some special and targeted training for the students; morpheme is the first and follows language. At the same time, pay attention to the training of the language in the flow of speech and the combined training of sound, rhyme, tone and sentence and supplemented by the necessary theoretical knowledge guide. This will not only highlight the overall sentences training and enable students in Chinese school in Shanghai put what they have learned to use, but also grasp the key according to the students’ situation. The teachers in Chinese school in Shanghai should inspire students' interest and confidence and train their ability and habit of independent calibration.

2 Pay attentions to the practice of vocabulary and sentence pattern

During the primary stage, the teaching should focus on the content words, the range of the words should be some general daily words, and the aim is to make the students master the basic meaning and the main usage and requires the students to escape one's lips, timely response and can quickly organized into words. But it is worth noting that the relationship between the student's mother tongue and the target language is not "one to one correspondence”. It is often not reliable that the students rely on the words’ table note. New words table note often only mark the significance in this lesson, but it is probably not the common meaning or the basic intention. In this case, it requires teachers in Chinese school in Shanghai to explain, and let the students know and understand the common meaning of the words. For the students in Chinese school in Shanghai in the early stage, it is very important to lay the foundation of the sentence. The teaching should focus on the language skill training, which is single sentence training. The so-called single sentence training refers to that in a certain period of time, based on the standard of cultivation to do some using training of some sentences. In the training process, the teachers in Chinese school in Shanghai should cultivate students' awareness of communication and make the students pay attention to the memory, imitation and application of the common statements.

3 Pay attentions to the cultivation of cultural connotation of students during the oral communication

Language is not only the expression and communication tool of human affection, but also part and carrier of the culture. As a foreign student in Chinese school in Shanghai, in the initial period of contact of the Chinese language, they know nothing about the Chinese culture. Their language habits, thinking mode, cultural pattern, value concept are all fixed. Because the language level constraints they are short of sensitivity about the Chinese way of thinking and the Chinese culture. They often don't realize how important it is that the Chinese cultural does on the process of learning Chinese language. They also don’t have the consciousness of learning Chinese culture and take the blind attitude on the Chinese cultural factors. In communication, this often cause that the sentence that the students in Chinese school in Shanghai used during the communication does not accord with the cultural background, does not accord with the request of context or does not accord with the thinking habits. Therefore, teachers in Chinese school in Shanghai should pay attention to the introduction of cultural factors in the process of oral teaching, so as to enable the students to properly use the sentences to do a successful communication.


Teaching is not only science but also kind of art. It reflects the quality and ability of the teachers. The same teaching content, with different teaching methods, the teaching effect may vary greatly. So teaching techniques has great effect on improving the quality of classroom teaching. Primary Chinese oral class needs to create a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere in the classroom and a real, natural language environment. The practice in the class should be targeted and also need to pay attention to the paragraph expression training of the primary stage.


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