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Teaching index
Teaching index is an index-based tool developed by Mandarin Spring based on McClellan competency model.
And it is used to rate the overall competency of Chinese teachers on Mandarin Spring in terms of subject knowledge, Professional skills,teaching skills,characteristics,professional attitude,communication and career planning.
Subject knowledge
Professional knowledge, interdisciplinary knowledge, related cultures and talent
Optimistic, approachable, patient, meticulous and open-minded
Foreign language competence, expressions, intercultural communication, environmental adaptability, integration ability, self-regulating and team spirit
Professional skills
Teaching skills, problem-solving, coping, ability to use textbooks, individualized teaching, ability to inspire students, scientific research ability.
Professional attitude
Rigorous, responsible, respectable and caring
Career planning
Ability to retrospect, ability to sum up experience, learning ability, career planning and innovation ability
Honor roll
Covering the overall capability ranking list of all teachers
Ascending fastest
Ranking list of teachers whose overall index ascends fastest
Categorization based on the courses offered by teachers
Currently comprising five categories of professional Chinese, daily Chinese, Chinese for children, Chinese culture and HSK.
What’s the benefit of improving the teaching index?
The teaching index primarily monitors the teacher’s teaching process and intuitively reflects the overall capabilities.
A higher teaching index will become an important reference indicator for students to choose foreigner-facing Chinese teachers, as well as the best window for teachers to understand the industry landscape.
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