About us
Mandarin Spring is a Simple, Smart and Safe high-quality Chinese and Chinese culture teaching platform that enables accurate match between teachers and students through big data and artificial intelligence algorithms. With tools such as live online teaching, international Chinese teachers and overseas Chinese learning, our service provides efficient, professional Chinese and Chinese culture teaching services.

Mandarin Spring's team has extensive experience in international Chinese education and experience in Internet application development. Since 2002, the team has conducted Chinese and Chinese culture dissemination and has received numerous awards from Pearson in the UK, Edexcel in the UK, Hanban in China and CEIBS, American general motors and received recognition and praise from hundreds of internationally renowned enterprises. In addition, the team has nearly 100 internet research and development professionals, actively working to achieve international Chinese language education on the internet.

Mandarin Spring's thousands of professional international Chinese teachers, distributed in more than 100 different countries and regions, can achieve global online and offline Chinese and Chinese culture teaching services.

Mandarin Spring look forward to your suggestions and comments, and look forward to your growth with us.

Contact email:info@mandarinspring.com

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