Why teach on Mandarin Spring

1) Working anytime and anywhere 

You need only a computer with internet access to start teaching on Mandarin Spring platform anytime and anywhere, without the need to sit properly in your office. In the bed, on sofa, lying down or sitting, your choice!

2) Flexible schedule 

Teaching hours on Mandarin Spring platform are totally up to you to decide, and students only need to choose their desired class hours according to your teaching schedule. 

3) Financial freedom 

The course pricing is totally up to you and you can set your course price of your choice according to your qualifications, no longer being a worker under the watch of your boss! 

4) More students 

After becoming a teacher on the Mandarin Spring platform, you no longer need to find students yourself. On the Mandarin Spring platform, students come to you at any time as long as you are good enough! 

5) Brand building 

On the Mandarin Spring platform, you can also write or produce your teaching experience and insights into Chinese language learning into articles or videos to let more students see you, love you and become your students. Becoming a “star” is simply a piece of cake!

6) Extra bonus 

In addition to financial freedom, more students will like you and attend your classes as long as you are good enough, earning you extra bonus!

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