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This is Sarah the Chinese Teacher,who experienced with Goal Orientation teaching method. Not only guild us open mouth to speak native Mandarin , but also make us immersed in rich and colorful Chinese Culture.
With 4 years teaching experience,let you master the language you need in your life. The characteristics of teaching are happiness, humor, patience and pronunciation correction.
Li Fang 方丽
Have more than 7 years Mandarin teaching experience,and purchase working background in global company
More than 2 years’experience of teaching Chinese, I have worked for German and Japanese companies for almost 10 years, familiar with all kinds of cultures. Good at both English and Japanese. My teaching style is humorous, focusing on practicability.
Bachelor of French and French literature, bachelor of economics and master of business administration. Also I have 3 years’ experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and am proficient in French and English. And I used to work as a full-time translator of French International Radio and specialized in fast learning skills of language and I am a responsible teacher.
Deep interest in Chinese language and culture, experience of teaching students from several countries and of various types such as HSK, Survival, business, Children and culture, knowledge in engineering and product management. Fluent in English. Teaching style: patient, be passinate about teaching and be friends with students, personalised teaching plan for every student, practice everywhere and anytime.
With more than 2 years’ teaching experience, I am proficient in Chinese and English and good at teaching online courses as well as 1 on 1 tailor-made courses and high-level HSK courses. Besides, almost 90 percent students of mine have passed HSK exams. What’s more, my teaching styles are patient, humorous and relaxed and my courses are flexible.

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